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Solaris is a range of 7 ultra-high-tech products that provides solutions for all lightening techniques. It perfectly meets the needs of colorists, as well as women’s desires to go for blond, regardless of the degree of lifting required. It features a pleasant fragrance and formula developed to ensure maximum respect for the hair and the stylist.

  • ​Products for mixed use: for all-over highlights

PAT7: Bleaching paste to lighten up to 7 levels. Enriched in Castor oil  - rich in nourishing fatty acids - and softening, moisturising beeswax.
HUIL4: Lightening oil for lifting up to 4 levels.

POUDR7: Compact powerful bleaching powder for intense lifting up to 7 levels.

  • Products used specifically for highlights

CREM5: Lightening cream for lifting up to 5 levels.

POUDR6: Compact "open air" lightening powder for open air highlights, provides lifting up to 6 levels.

  • Complementary products

DEMAQ: Compact oxidative hair color remover.

LOTION: Post-hair color neutralizing lotion to effectively neutralize alkaline residue.

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  • Formulas
  • Results
  • Beauty


  • With SOLARIS you can achieve any desired degree of lightening
  • Up to 7 levels with Poudr7
  • Creative, personalized lightening service


  • Extremely gentle on the hair fiber


  • SOLARIS lets you recreate all the latest trendy techniques with expert application
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To lighten the hair up to 7 levels. Ideal for powerful all-over bleaching and for obtaining white and platinum blonde shades. Recommended for techniques requiring contact with the scalp (all-over bleaching or root touch-ups).


To lift up to 7 levels, ideal for foil highlights


To lift up to 6 levels, ideal for open air highlight techniques and comb highlights


For total or partial removal of artificial pigments


To lift up to 4 levels, used for all-over lightening or highlights


To lift up to 5 levels, all highlight techniques on virgin and/or color-treated hair

Neutralizing milk

To neutralize alkaline reside after lightening technique

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