Summer Look 2017



This summer, surf on the new «blorange» trend: where «blonde» encounters «orange». Bring out the beauty of your hair with the new Sunset Hair look!



From rose gold to peach hair, Blorange is the color to urgently adopt for a sunny, romantic look. The «Blorange» technique makes it possible to highlight the hair with sunny colors. Discover each step to make the Blorange Technique and reproduce it in your salon!


Step by Step

  • Separation Step 1
    Divide the head into 4 zones ( A,B,C,D )
  • Separation Step 2

    Separate the back of the hair (D) into an inverted triangle and hold the section in place with a clip.

  • Separation Step 3

    Begin applying SOLARIS Poudr7 to sections 1 and 2 (see diagram) using the technique inspired by the signature highlighting method.

  • Balayage Step 4

    Apply to the surface with a light stroke, blurring the outlines, then intensify the application of the product to the rest of the mid-lengths and ends using aluminium foil.

  • Balayage Step 5

    Cover with aluminium foil and continue highlighting, following the chronology on the diagram from Step 3 (1 to 12).

  • Balayage Step 6

    Allow the hair to process to achieve a lightening base between 8 and 9.

    Rinse and use SOLARIS Neutralising Milk.

  • Toner Step 7

    Apply the «Blorange» mixture with the CARMEN TON SUR TON shades with the desired intensity:
    25gr G*00 + 10gr G*62 + 5gr G*40 using the 5 vol.

    Leave in for 10 min, then rinse and wash with CARMEN TON SUR TON Shine Post-Color shampoo.

  • n°1 Tip

    To make the departure points less distinct, blend them with the fingertips.

  • n°2 Tip

    Remove the hair from the lower angle of each horizontal separation in section A (see diagram) to avoid highlighting it, thus maintaining the contrast of the final result.

  • n°3 Tip

    Apply the product closer to the scalp on the strands framing the face to improve the visibility of the highlights around the face.



Discover the hairstyles imagined by EUGENE PERMA Professionnel's Creation Team to highlight Blorange's trend!


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