S/S 2018 Collection

Blush Flashy Mix

Hello Yellow 

Sunkissed lengths for a nonchalant elegance embodying contemporary feminity. An ultra-energetic color. Carpe Diem!  #YELLOWHAIR



"Savor every moment", "Live the present moment", "Appreciate every little happiness"... This resolutely positive state of mind fills every part of our daily life. Our wardrobe for example, which adopts warm colors and spreads good mood to our entourage. Also in Beauty... and in our hair of course! The latter reveals a new light, like a dawn full of promise.

Women with a hedonistic femininity and a graceful nonchalance adopt an elegant contrast of lengths between short and long sides. "Let the sun shine?" A wish that this generation of "gypsters chic" (contraction of gypsie and hipster) expresses - on social networks obviously - through a blond lemon (#yellowhair), both rock and contemporary. Thanks to subtle highlights or cascading color gradients, this summer look is aligned with our vision of the future: passion pegged to the heart and an insatiable taste of life.


Step by Step Tutorial

  • Divide Step 1

    • Divide hair as shown on the diagram

  • Bleach Step 2

    • Horizontally divide Zone A into 2 sections, and then bleach the lengths and ends without touching the roots (approximately 5 cm) using SOLARIS POUDR6 20/30 vol.

  • Blend Step 3

    • Blend the departure point of the application using fingertips and wrap in aluminum foil

    • Leave in to reach a yellow to pale yellow base, then rinse and use SOLARIS NEUTRALIZING MILK.

  • Apply Step 4

    • Apply 6*12 CARMEN TON SUR TON 9 vol to the zone at the nape of the neck and wrap in aluminum foil

  • #YellowHair Step 5

    • Apply the BLUSH FLASHY MIX yellow shade to Zone A, alternating with the coral mix (3g yellow + 3g red + 40g neutral) to the bleached sections. Apply the 6*12 CARMEN TON SUR TON 9 vol shade to the roots

  • Blend Step 6

    • Blend the area where the shade of the roots meets the shade of the lengths, and wrap in aluminium foil

  • Leave in Step 7
    • Finish the application of 6*12 CARMEN TON SUR TON to the rest of the hair
    • Leave in for 20 minutes, then rinse and wash with CARMEN TON SUR TON post-color shine shampoo


3 Hairstyles

After adopting the #YELLOWHAIR, discover 3 haircuts and as many ways to accentuate your new solar blond haircolor


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