Hello Yellow - Styling


A straight and romantic version in which, the right amount of movement and softness is brought with the help of Artist(e)' Fiber Paste. Finish with Artist(e)' Finish' Perfect Spray to maintain movement.


The middle stripe, the wavy hair thanks to Artist(e)' Curl+ Spray and Spray Gloss, the detached movement bring to this look a nonchalant attitude. The touch of softness is accentuated by the short side hidden by the lengths on the face.


Lengths in the neck and shorter on the top without a real connection, the Mullet is with no hesitation THE look of the beginning of the year, already adopted by beautiful people and influencers. To reproduce it, flatten the sides with Artist(e)' Waxy Definer, inflate the top with the Pump Up Spray and finish by softening the neck.