Summer Look 2016 - Hairstyles

Side Hair

The clip side with a flower was elected as one of summer 2016's top hair accessories

Natural Wavy

Ultra natural undulations without disheveled hair, marked line

Braid Look

The side braid is still the star of the red carpet. Spotted by ELLE as the hairstyle of summer 2016

  • Part the hair on the side, begin a three-section braid along the hairline, and continue braiding in the traditional way.
  • At each intersection, insert a fine strand of hair that will remain loose.

Tip: For even more depth, separate the hair into large sections and begin with a relatively wide braid. 

Tie Ponytail Look

The low ponytail comes in all ways, Xtra long or embellished with an accessory

  • Separate the hair on the top of the head.
  • Bring body to the zones at the back of sides by slightly teasing the roots.
  • Brush the hair back and fasten it slightly off-center on the desired side.
  • Tease the hair on the top of the head, brush it toward the fastener to reach the desired volume, and fasten the section with an elastic band.

Tip: For a look at the forefront of fashion, conceal the elastic band with a leather strip, rolling and crossing the ends around the band along 10 cm.