The ingredient that is changing everything

Choose Olaplex, a the original game-changer in the USA*, the anti-breakage "remedy."

*first in its category in the USA

Launched in the USA in November 2014, OLAPLEX is the brand that has revolutionized hair color, bleaching and all chemical, mechanical and thermal services which sensitize the hair. OLAPLEX repairs all these types of damage. OLAPLEX also allows for increased creativity by pushing the boundaries of hair color and bleaching without damaging the hair*! OLAPLEX represents the most powerful discovery in the past 10 years for the hair styling market. Offering powerful repair for hair, OLAPLEX is the must-have protector against breakage.

The OLAPLEX protocol in three easy, simple steps:
First step: Bond Multiplier No. 1 reforms disulfide bonds in the hair.
Second step: Bond Perfector No. 2 uses the same active ingredient as Bond Multiplier No. 1. Its objective is to restore the strength, structure and integrity of the hair. It is an essential step for achieving optimal results.
The last step is designed for at-home use by clients. Hair Perfector No. 3 also uses the same active ingredient. Its objective is to link hair bonds and maintain hair in optimal condition between services.

*always refer to instructions before using products.

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The OLAPLEX protocol in three easy, simple steps: Bond Multiplier No. 1 , Bond Perfector No. 2 and Hair Perfector No. 3
Lifting of up to 6 levels in one step without damaging the hair!


Thanks to a powerful patented ingredient (47 international patents pending) developed through scientific research, OLAPLEX reconnects disulfide bonds, thus significantly reducing damage caused by hair color and chemical services.


Hair is left naturally :
+ shinier
+ stronger
+ more beautiful
Extends the life of color

EUGENE PERMA Professionnel's technical expertise joins forces with the OLAPLEX revolution to create the Absolute Services

Pro Advice

"I can honestly say that Olaplex is a must-have weapon in my arsenal. Whenever I question the integrity of my client's hair, I turn to Olaplex."

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