The EUGENE PERMA Research & Innovation laboratory, entirely dedicated to color treatment and hair care, is specialized in the development of professional hair products.


With 90 years of expertise focusing exclusively on hair care, EUGENE PERMA Professionel offers innovative products that meet with the expectations of professional hairdressers.

  • Ever-higher performance with an even more precise result
  • Products with guaranteed quality, recognized for their safety by professionals and their clients
  • Formulas developed in collaboration with hairdressers and expert colorists

"Our Research and Innovation Laboratory brings forth products which reflect our expertise and our passion for hair." 

Didier Martin, Chairman

The Research & Innovation Laboratory is committed to developing the best formulas, and it gives priority to the safety of its products before they are brought to the market.

  • Pride of place is given to active ingredients of botanical or marine origin.
  • In the 1980s, Eugène Perma Research & Innovation was a pioneer in putting an end to animal testing and instituting in vitro tests to evaluate the tolerance of its cosmetics products (a substitution test).
  • A number of tests are carried out on our products in order to demonstrate their effectiveness and safety.
  • Shampoo and hair care ranges are thus tested under dermatological contro
  • Our products are tested by independent, certified laboratories.
  •  We make regular, strict checks of all the ingredients included in our products' formulas.

Each new product required the participation of at least five experts from different fields of the Research & Innovation Laboratory: chemistry (formulation and analysis), biophysics, biology, dermatology and toxicology. The formulation projects for new products can therefore take up to five years of research, depending on their complexity. We have very high standards for the quality of our formulas which depend on the expertise of our teams. In particular, after several years of apprenticeship, our color experts acquire a mastery in hair color that enables them to entirely formulate products with unique, reproducible color results that provide extraordinary silkiness and shine.

We also give priority to launching ever-safer formulas to better protect the health of professionals and their clients. These products observe the ever-stricter regulatory demands in France, Europe and abroad.

Eugène Perma devotes almost 4.5% of its turnover to Research & Innovation. The latest scientific discoveries benefit our new products as well as products already on the market, which are improved as progress is made.

The Research & Innovation is based on Effectiveness, Safety, Expertise.