This express drying oil is a leave-in-formula that accelerates drying. A non-oily texture that is easy to distribute throuhg out the hair. It contains Macadamia oil recognized for its nourishing vertues, and it also possesses great absorption power. To use with the 2-in-1 care shampoo. 

  • Accelerates drying
  • Make blow-drying easier 
  • Tames and repairs the hair
  • Protects froù the heat of blow dryers and hair straighteners


The express drying oil is formulated with :

  • Macadamia oil.
  • KERACTION COMPLEX : A combination of essentiel nutriments and botanical keratin proteins make it possible to reinforce the hair, prevent breakage, and softeness and shine to the lenghts. 
  • FASTDRY COMPLEX : Taming agents that drive water from the air shaft to accelerate drying. 


  • Distribute a palmful of product through wet hair, massaging into the lenghts and ends of the hair until complete penetration. Adapt the quantity to the thickness and lenght of the hair
  • Do not rinse. Comb, dry, and proceed with styling 

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