The repair treatment is a repair service, to be used after a hair color service or beofre a straightening treatment. 

  • Single dose 10x10ml 
  • Restructures and reinforces the hair 
  • Maximises the supply of botanical keratin 
  • Hair is radiantly beautiful 
  • Hair is supple, bouncy and radiant with vitality


  • The keratin repair treatment is enriched with the KERACTION COMPLEX
  • This complex is equipped with a new long-time diffusion technology thanks to the fillm which releases the assets as time goes by. It thus protects the hair against damage from the heat of the hair dryer, hair straighteners and external aggressions
  • KERACTION COMPLEX : A combination of essential nutriments and botanical keratin proteins make it possible to reinforce the hair, prevent breakage, and bring softness and shine to the lenghts


  • Perform shampoo 

- As a repair service : Wash the hair with KERATIN shampoo 
- After a color treatment : Wash the hair with EQIVITAL POST COLOR shampoo 
- Before a straightening treatment : Wash the hair with EQUIVITAL PRE-FORM shampoo 

  • Apply the treatment section by section, massaging the hair o optimize penetration, then comb through 
  • Leave in for 5 minutes* uncovered or wrap in a warm towel ( wrung out after being rinsed under very ot water ) 
  • Rinse 

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