The CARMEN RITUAL Rebalancing Cleansing Jelly constitutes the second step of the ritual. It is specially formulated to balance the pH level of the hair shaft after a CARMEN RITUEL color treatment. Rebalancing Cleansing Jelly contains organic Sacha Inchi oil, recognized for its soothing qualities, and organic Jojoba oil, recognized for its ability to nourish, regenerate and soften the hair shaft.

• Formulated with 98% ingredients of natural origin
• Gently cleanses the hair
• Eliminates alkaline residue
• Rebalances the pH level of the hair shaft
• Lightly scented for a delightful sensory experience


CARMEN RITUEL is a three-step ammonia-free color ritual with 95% ingredients of natural origin* combining color performance, hair beauty and scalp comfort.

This hair care color formula contains no ammonia, no PPD**, no resorcinol and no mineral oils.
The post-coloring conditioners contain no sulfate surfactants and no silicones.

The formulas offer the advantages of three beneficial organic oils:

Organic Sacha Inchi oil, rich in Omega-3, makes it possible to maintain the balance of the cutaneous barrier.  Recognized for its soothing qualities, it increases the sensation of scalp comfort.
Organic Coprah oil protects the hair shaft from the drying effects habitually caused by peroxide color treatments. Moreover, it offers an intense shine result.
Organic Jojoba oil is recognized for its ability to nourish, regenerate and soften the hair shaft.


*On average, across all rituals
**Individuals who are allergic to hair color (and particularly PPD) are nonetheless prone to developing an allergic reaction. It is imperative to perform an allergy test 48 hours before use.


Recommendations : After rinsing the color out, distribute throughout the entire head of hair. Lather, then rinse thoroughly.